Cedarwood Towers, renamed Winton Gardens Towers, are 2 11-story affordable housing buildings in Rochester, NY.  The towers went through a major renovation in 2018 when they were acquired by Community Preservation Partners (CPP), who sought to rehabilitate the structures and improve the surrounding community.

The client secured the due diligence services of Partner Energy and Partner Engineering and Science prior to their LIHTC funding application and subsequent extensive renovation. During the due diligence period, the Partner team provided the IPNA, (which included an ASHRAE II energy audit), ESA, Radon testing and land surveying and zoning. After LIHTC funding was awarded, Partner continued to support the project by facilitating its eligibility for the NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Program (MPP) and attending periodic design team meetings to address compliance with code and the variety of funding source requirements. Throughout the process, Partner developed creative solutions for value engineering concerns by reviewing submittals and providing alternatives when necessary.

As a result of Partner’s recommendations and facilitation of a comprehensive set of energy efficiency improvements, the project achieved 20% source energy savings and NYSERDA awarded the project over $120,000 in incentives upon completion of construction in 2020.