Partner Energy’s team of energy professionals performed a Green Physical Needs Assessment for Centennial Place, a multifamily mid-rise building located in Pasadena, CA, in accordance with the Sustainable Rehabilitations Guidelines by the Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles.

The purpose of this analysis was to assist the Client in evaluating the physical aspects, energy and water needs of the subject property. The Client wanted to propose a sustainable rehabilitation program that met the County of Los Angeles Sustainable Rehabilitation Guidelines. Partner Energy highlighted improvements that would result in a greater than 20% reduction in energy use and greater than 20% reduction in water use.

All of the subject property’s energy and water consuming systems were inventoried and evaluated for proper operation. Data collected included equipment nameplate information, building occupancy schedules, equipment-operating times, and utility bills gathered at our on-site visit(s). From this analysis, Partner developed a list of potential PNA recommendation measures and then evaluated for cost effectiveness and impact on building operations.

Partner Energy’s recommended energy efficiency measures and water conservation measures were estimated to achieve a 36% reduction in energy use and a 33% reduction in water consumption. This would reduce the client’s electricity, gas, and water related utility costs by approximately $34,000 per year. The project was financed through Fannie Mae.