What CRE Owners and Insurers Need to Know about California’s Safer from Wildfires Regulation

California Code of Regulations Section 2644.9 – Consideration of Mitigation Factors; Wildfire Risk Models Wildfires have become a concern in California over the past several years, with catastrophic events leading to billions of dollars in damage. With changing climate patterns and extended periods of drought, the frequency and intensity of these wildfires have heightened. In […]

California’s Climate Disclosure Bills Signed into Laws: SB 253 and SB 261

On October 7, 2023, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law two climate disclosure and reporting bills: the Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act or Senate Bill (SB) 253, and Climate-Related Financial Risk Act (SB 261). These two laws, together known as the Climate Accountability Package, will require certain public and private companies that conduct business […]

Green Certifications on the Rise

Partner Energy’s Green Certification consulting practice has grown over the years, and is seeing a continuous demand for certifications in commercial real estate. In the last year, Partner Energy has also begun offering certification consulting and support for BREEAM and IREM Certified Sustainable Property (CSP) in addition to other well-established certifications such as ENERGY STAR®, […]

The Case for Property Resilience – a Lone House Left Standing Post-Maui Fire

With increasingly unpredictable weather patterns and the growing threat of wildfires, the importance of property resilience measures cannot be overstated. Implementing such measures help to fortify properties against natural disasters, minimize the potential damages, reduce downtime, and increase property value. The lone “miracle house” that survived relatively unscathed after the Maui fire while the houses […]

Overview of HUD Green and Resilient Retrofit Program (GRRP)

by J.R. Lephew and Molly Gracia Since the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) in late summer 2022, the commercial real estate industry has been aglow from the potential for much needed funding to support their ventures and bolster transaction volume. The overall goal and mission of the many Partners, such as investors, developers, […]

Tony Liou Interviewed by GlobeSt.com on How Lenders are Addressing ESG

office highrise

Published March 27, 2023 ESG lending is gaining momentum in the real estate lending community – and perhaps at no better time. CRE lending standards are tightening even further because of ongoing global banking troubles. Borrowers supporting their applications by substantiating their ESG metrics could find it easier to get a loan across the finish […]

Tony Liou Interviewed by Connect CRE on Striving for the “Social” in ESG

Published March 9, 2023 The commercial real estate industry has been heavily dedicated to incorporating environmental, social and governance activities – ESG – into business operations and activities. A greater awareness of climate change-related hazards continues to drive the need for greener and more sustainable environments. The “environmental” aspect of the three-pronged ESG tends to […]

Partner Energy at Thatcher Yard Project Groundbreaking Ceremony

Thatcher Yard Groundbreaking Ceremony

From left: Mayor Garcetti, Councilmember Bonin (speaking), Jordan Pynes (President of Thomas Safran & Associates), Thomas Safran (TSA founder), and California Senator Ben Allen. On December 8th, Partner Energy was recognized as the energy consultant at the groundbreaking ceremony for Thomas Safran & Associates’ Thatcher Yard Project. This development will provide 100 homes for severely […]

Partner Energy is an Executive Member of EPA’s ENERGY STAR Certification Nation

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of ENERGY STAR with a one-time recognition of organizations that have earned EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification for five or more buildings in 2022. The eligible organizations gain “membership” to ENERGY STAR Certification Nation at four tiers—Member, Premier Member, Executive Member, and Elite Member, depending on […]

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