Enterprise Community Partners added Partner Energy to its supplier network to provide comprehensive energy audits and implementation for the Asbury, a low income and affordable multifamily building in the City of Los Angeles. The client sought funds from the Los Angeles Housing Department and retained Partner Energy to evaluate how the property could achieve the minimum 20% energy reduction to qualify for funding. Partner Energy completed the audit, then developed and recommended Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs) to the client. When energy modeling showed that recommended EEMs would reduce energy usage enough to qualify, the property was awarded funding. Partner Energy managed the implementation of approved EEMs and provided quality assurance and on-site verification. Completed EEMs included:

  • Tune up DHW & steam boilers
  • Retrofit lighting and electrical
  • Clean radiator and valves
  • Install solar hot water EP‐40 system
  • Install low flow plumbing fixtures
  • Install window weatherstripping
  • Replace booster circulation pumps
  • Replace DHW pump with VFD