Partner Energy was selected to provide energy auditing services for the UTC Aerospace Systems Facility as part of its Master Professional Services Agreement with Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA Contract No. 20170214MUNIFED).

The energy audit conducted was a Tier II Energy Audit of all 26 buildings, with emphasis on buildings 1, 4, 41, and building 27 (central plant). The Tier II Energy Audit was completed to provide a more precise measurement of reductions in energy and water consumption and associated cost savings for the identified energy conservation measures (ECMs). Project scope included: a comprehensive energy audit of all systems, equipment, and building envelope; preparation of an Energy Audit Plan; the installation and monitoring of data collection equipment; maintaining a Quality Control Program; and a comprehensive Energy Audit Report including energy and water conservation recommendations.

Proposed energy savings from the identified ECMs totaled approximately 15,150 mbtu/yr.