How to Avoid Stranded Assets: A Path to Decarbonization

Published November 2023 As concerns over climate change intensify and regulations evolve, commercial real estate investors and owners are under increasing pressure to reduce carbon footprints of their properties, or “decarbonize” them. Most recently, California passed the Climate Accountability Package, which will require a large number public and private companies conducting business in the state […]

How EV Chargers May Benefit Your CRE Property

Published September 2023 As CRE investors and stakeholders continue to pursue sustainability and decarbonization efforts to support their ESG policies, one effort should not be overlooked when assessing the overall efficiency of a property. The installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations on commercial real estate properties has multiple benefits, not only contributing to a […]

Benefits of Switching to Heat Pumps in Multifamily Buildings

Multifamily buildings are a significant source of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), multifamily buildings account for 17% of the total residential energy use and 14% of the residential CO2 emissions in 20191. Most of this energy is used for space heating and […]

Addressing the Insurance Crisis Through Property Resilience

Published August 2023 The withdrawal of larger insurance companies from certain markets has left property owners in a scramble to secure coverage since property insurance is required by lenders. While insurance policies and premiums may require time to catch up with property resiliency efforts, property owners and investors should consider proactively upgrading their properties. In […]

Six Ways Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Measures Increase Property Value

Published July 2023 As the attention on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) has increased over the last several years in commercial real estate, more investors are using ESG factors as an asset risk management tool and demanding that they become more sustainable and adhere to environmentally responsible principles. In this Globe St. article, Tony Liou, founder […]

Decarbonization Pathways: Meeting Sustainability Goals

Published July 2022 As more government and corporate entities pledge climate actions in order to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, facilities managers will play a key role in identifying and implementing the decarbonization measures necessary for individual properties to reach their goals. In this article from the Facility Management Journal (FMJ), Partner Energy President, Tony […]

SEC Climate-Related Risk Disclosure Rules: Impact on Lenders

Published June 2022 The recently published SEC climate-related disclosure requirements will have significant impacts on the commercial real estate industry, including lenders. Partner Energy President, Tony Liou, and Partner Engineering and Science National Client Manager, Jeff Polasek, discuss the potential impacts in this article from the EBA Journal. Click here to read the article. 

Challenges and Solutions to Meeting SEC Climate-Risk Disclosure Rules

by Tony Liou, Partner Energy President With the new SEC rules, climate-risk assessments and property resilience would become standard practice in CRE. On March 21, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) finally released its proposed rules to require publicly traded companies to disclose their climate-related risks to investors. The rules include not only reporting of material […]

Making Sense of ESG Reporting Frameworks and Standards

by Tony Liou, Partner Energy President The numerous ESG reporting frameworks can be cause for confusion, but they all start with data collection. With the rise of investor interest in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), companies are beginning to focus more attention on their ESG performance and reporting. But with all the various frameworks and […]

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