Decarbonization Pathways: Meeting Sustainability Goals

Published July 2022 As more government and corporate entities pledge climate actions in order to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, facilities managers will play a key role in identifying and implementing the decarbonization measures necessary for individual properties to reach their goals. In this article from the Facility Management Journal (FMJ), Partner Energy President, Tony […]

SEC Climate-Related Risk Disclosure Rules: Impact on Lenders

Published June 2022 The recently published SEC climate-related disclosure requirements will have significant impacts on the commercial real estate industry, including lenders. Partner Energy President, Tony Liou, and Partner Engineering and Science National Client Manager, Jeff Polasek, discuss the potential impacts in this article from the EBA Journal. Click here to read the article. 

Challenges and Solutions to Meeting SEC Climate-Risk Disclosure Rules

by Tony Liou, Partner Energy President With the new SEC rules, climate-risk assessments and property resilience would become standard practice in CRE. On March 21, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) finally released its proposed rules to require publicly traded companies to disclose their climate-related risks to investors. The rules include not only reporting of material […]

Making Sense of ESG Reporting Frameworks and Standards

by Tony Liou, Partner Energy President The numerous ESG reporting frameworks can be cause for confusion, but they all start with data collection. With the rise of investor interest in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), companies are beginning to focus more attention on their ESG performance and reporting. But with all the various frameworks and […]

6 Trends for Affordable Housing in 2022

Published November 30, 2021 Despite potential challenges for the affordable housing market, momentum is gaining for more opportunities in this space in 2022. The recent Affordable Housing Finance (AHF) LIVE Conference offered a glimpse into what we can expect in 2022 for the affordable housing sector. Taking place in-person this year in Chicago, the conference […]

Assessing Climate Related Risk and Resiliency

By Dorit Ziv, Partner Energy, and Justin Lia and Gary Cohn, Partner Engineering and Science Hurricanes on the East Coast. Wildfires in the West. Record temperatures and consecutive storm events throughout the country. Extreme weather events each year result in billions of dollars of damage and even deaths. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors noted […]

Demystifying the Process of Decarbonizing Your Building

By Tony Liou, Partner Energy President Steps to reaching your net zero goals and avoiding “stranded assets” With the increased focus on ESG+R and climate change, more corporations and investors are making public commitments to carbon neutrality. The Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative that launched in December 2020 now has 128 signatories–overseeing $43 trillion in assets–committed to […]

How Will Lenders Factor Climate Risks into Underwriting?


By Tony Liou, Partner Energy President & Kathryn Peacock, Principal and National Client Manager for Partner Engineering and Science, Inc Fed says climate change can result in direct financial risks and bank stress testing is likely coming. Lenders can start managing those risks now. Lenders and investors are beginning to identify climate change impact as […]

5 Steps to Reduce Your Property’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions

For Earth Day 2021, take action by reducing your portfolio’s carbon footprint and reaching your ESG goals By Tony Liou, Partner Energy President Since its debut in 1970, Earth Day has since expanded into 192 countries and EARTHDAY.ORG now works with more than 75,000 partners in order to “drive positive action for our planet.” Earth Day is […]

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