Partner Energy was selected by Sandberg Management Corporation to provide ENERGY STAR® benchmarking services for three apartment buildings in the client’s portfolio, needed to comply with New York’s Local Law 84 for benchmarking.

The client provided Partner Energy with 12 months of electric, gas, and water bills, as well as general information about each building’s size, square footage, number of units, and tenant profiles (e.g. number of people, computers, etc.). With this data, Partner Energy created a client profile in the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® and facilitated the transfer of all relevant energy data into the profile. Partner Energy also conducted a site visit to verify building meters and building data required by the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®. Through the process, Partner Energy developed a comprehensive summary of the facility’s energy consumption and carbon footprint. Using the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®, the client receives an online resource for ongoing monitoring and tracking of the energy and water consumption of these buildings in its portfolio.