The Earl W. Jimerson Apartments in Brownsville, Brooklyn are consisted of 3 fifteen-story buildings, totaling 420 units. The client secured Partner Energy’s services in 2019 to improve the buildings’ energy performance.

To achieve the desired energy savings, Partner Energy recommended ENERGY STAR certified windows, roof insulation, dedicated condensing DHW boiler plant, LED lighting in all common areas and residential units, bi-level lighting controls in the stairwells, in-unit steam trap testing/replacement and thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) controls, low flow plumbing fixtures, rooftop exhaust fan timer controls, and central steam boiler energy management system with indoor air temperature feedback and solar PV.

The result of these efforts was over 30% in energy savings. Partner Energy also compiled detailed energy modeling, calibrated model with historical utility data, and estimated energy and water savings using protocols cited in the most recent versions of the New York State Technical Resource Manual and NYSERDA MPP Simulation Guidelines.