Grand Canyon Apartments in Las Vegas, Nevada is a new multifamily construction that will include a total of 288 units. The client was seeking to qualify for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) program for new construction, which required the property to achieve an ENERGY STAR® Statement of Energy Design Intent score of 75 or higher.

The client engaged Partner Energy’s services to provide energy modeling to generate an ENERGY STAR® SEDI report. Partner Energy used HUD accepted energy modeling software and guidelines to simulate potential energy use based on the project plans and specifications. After examining the project documentation and site plan, including HVAC systems, wall and floor assemblies, and other efficiency items, the plan received a SEDI score of 83.

In addition, Partner Energy also assisted in GreenPoint Rated compliance documentation during the design and construction phase, to ensure the property would meet all the requirements. This included project registration with Build It Green, review of drawings and project documentation, HERS Index Modeling to show compliance with the GreenPoint Rated Building Performance and Testing credit requirement, making recommendations during the design phase to identify materials and methods needed for GPR, and performing on-site inspection and verifications. The project received the GreenPoint Rated New Home Multifamily certification in March 2021.