Westview Village


Westview Village is a redevelopment of the first public housing project in the City of Ventura. It was originally built in 1952 as a 100-unit property, which then expanded to 180 units in 1961. The current redevelopment demolishes the existing 180 units and replaces them with 320 new affordable units. The project will span several years and is divided into the following Phases:

  • Phase I – 131 affordable multi-family apartment units (1-4 bedrooms);
  • Phase II – 50 affordable senior apartment units;
  • Phase III – 105 affordable multi-family apartment units (1-4 bedrooms);
  • Phase IV – 34 for-sale row houses and duplexes

The project will serve more low-income families by increasing density and replacement of delipidated housing with modern one to four-bedroom apartments and programmed open space.

The client secured Partner Energy’s services in the beginning of the design phase to help meet certification requirements for LEED for Neighborhood Development. As part of Phase 1, Partner Energy performed energy modeling, HERS verification, CUAC analysis and rebate support. Additionally, Partner Energy provided California Tax Credit Allocation Committee (CTCAC) and California Debt Limit Allocation Committee (CDLAC) application support, ensuring the project met the sustainability requirements for California low-income housing funding.

Phase 1 was completed in June 2019 while the remaining phases were still in progress. Phase III began construction in September 2020.