1900 Pacific Avenue


Corrigan Tower at 1900 Pacific Ave in Downtown Dallas was built in 1952 as office space and was originally a 20-story tower designed in the modernist style by architect Wyatt C. Hedrick. It had stood vacant since 2003, until developer John Kirtland worked to renovate it into luxury apartments with ground floor retail space and state-of-the-art amenities. This impressive gut renovation was an important leader in the overall community effort to revitalize the Downtown Dallas Historic District.

The client secured Partner Energy’s services to help qualify for the HUD Green Mortgage Insurance Premium Reduction Program (“Green MIP”). The Green MIP program grants projects a discounted annual MIP to reward meaningful investments in environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. 1900 Pacific was one of the first projects to participate in the program shortly after it was developed by HUD.

In order to qualify, the building needed an ENERGY STAR SEDI score of 75 or above and a HUD-Recognized Green Building Certification.

Partner Energy generated energy models to simulate energy usage based on project plans in order to obtain an ENERGY STAR SEDI report and made recommendations for design changes based on the SEDI analysis, eventually achieving a score of 85.

Partner Energy facilitated the administrative and project management process, as well as commissioning, in order to qualify for LEED New Construction, one of the most stringent and well-recognized green certification programs.

As part of the process, Partner Energy oversaw pre-functional checks and functional performance testing of various systems, including but not limited to boilers, split systems, energy recovery ventilators, exhaust fans, heat pumps, and cooling towers. A few of the numerous improvements made during the project were potable water usage reduction of 45.5%, energy cost savings of 26%, and use of low-emitting construction materials.

As a result, 1900 Pacific was awarded a LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council, and successfully qualified for the HUD Green MIP Reduction. Energy cost savings are passed onto the residents, a draw for tenants who are looking to save money on utility costs but also positively impact the environment.

1900 Pacific Residences opened officially in July 2018.

Photo Credit: Crain Mortgage Group, LLC


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