Rampart Mint is a 23-unit new construction multifamily property in Los Angeles, California that provides permanent supportive housing for formerly homeless individuals with disabilities whose income are less than 30% of the area median income. The property was uninhabited for 30 years before being transformed into an all new, amenity-rich, affordable apartment community.

West Hollywood Community Housing Corp secured Partner Energy’s services in the beginning of the construction phase, including a targeted LEED Gold certification under the LEED Homes Mid-Rise Rating System.

Partner Energy provided Title 24 Energy Modeling on the property, including a review of the architectural and mechanical drawing, and developing Title 24 compliance model per the 2013 Energy Code. Partner Energy provided HERS performance testing to ensure energy performance is as desired and modeled. The tests included duct leakage testing, quality insulation inspection, and refrigerant charge.

As part of the LEED certification, Partner Energy assisted the client on compliance documentation during the design and construction process, which included a LEED certification plan based on the targeted points. Partner Energy provided design assistance to identify materials, systems, and other methods that were needed for LEED compliance. Additionally, Partner Energy provided commissioning (Cx) and performed functional performance testing for all central systems.

The property was awarded the LEED-Homes Gold certification by The U.S. Green Building Council in May 2021.