Elaine Villa Townhome Apartments in Lakewood, CA, just north of Long Beach, consist of 4 buildings with a total of 24 units and a combined area of 42,784 square feet. The buildings are new constructions and situated within a partially gated community.

The client was applying for Fannie Mae Multifamily Green Rewards and looked to obtain Green Globes Multifamily for New Construction Certification for the property. Partner Energy was brought on to provide consulting services in support of the Green Globes certification.

For this project, Partner Energy first analyzed project plans and specifications to determine Green Globes feasibility, which included a preliminary Green Globes scorecard. Once the eligibility is determined, Partner Energy guided the client through the Green Globes compliance documentation process. This included project registration, developing an action plan for the property to meet the targeted points needed for certification, and preparing responses for survey questions.  The property was awarded One Green Globes in December of 2020, which demonstrates a “commitment to environmental efficiency practices”, according to the Green Globes rating system.

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