Energy modeling is the process of simulating the energy consumption of building systems for analysis.

Early modeling supports integrated design decisions and helps optimize building energy performance. Partner Energy is able to assist with code compliant energy modeling when comparing California Title 24, ASHRAE 90.1 and The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). Our skilled engineers use both spreadsheets with temperature-bin methods and sophisticated modeling tools such as Energy Plus, EnergyPro, eQuest, Treat and Trane Trace.

Coupled with an energy audit, energy modeling helps clients identify energy efficiency measures (EEMs) that are cost-effective for their business goals. Energy modeling is also used to keep your property performing as intended when coupled with benchmarking services. We can calibrate energy models with current consumption to determine.

We use energy modeling to:

  • Calculate the payback timeframe and the energy savings of recommended EEMs;
  • Support the proper sizing of renewable energy systems, such as solar photovoltaic, to ensure the implemented system delivers the expected savings; and/or,
  • Analyze energy consumption and lifecycle costs of energy-related systems, such as heating, air conditioning, lighting, or hot water.

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