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An energy and water audit is a comprehensive inspection, survey, and analysis of energy and water consumption of a building and its infrastructure.

Partner Energy is an industry leader in energy and water audits, providing options that help clients:

  • Qualify for funding and financing programs;
  • Fulfill requirements for green building certifications;
  • Comply with state and local energy efficiency reporting requirements;
  • Improve asset performance in ownership and acquisition; and/or,
  • Build a sustainability plan for a portfolio of properties.

The completed audit report will establish a baseline consumption rate, quantify discrete energy and water usage, benchmark usage against similar facilities, identify building conditions that may cause excessive energy and water consumption, and recommend options to reduce consumption and estimated install costs.

Audit reports may include lists of recommended energy efficiency measures (EEMs), estimated install cost, estimated energy and cost savings, simple payback period, applicable rebates and incentive programs, and greenhouse gas emission savings.

ASHRAE Energy Audit Standards

Industry standards that define the characteristics of an energy audit, rely on those set by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) . ASHRAE is an international professional organization and a resource for standards, education, research, and training.

The three most common ASHRAE audits are:

  • Level I audits provide a walk-through analysis
  • Level II audits provide an energy survey and analysis
  • Level III audits provide a detailed analysis of capital-intensive modifications

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