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Partner Energy helps clients make informed decisions on how to execute energy projects that qualify for additional SBA 504 Green Loan proceeds and meet their business goals. Borrowers can use one of three green goals to obtain the green loan benefits:

  1. Energy Reduction Goal. Borrowers relocating, replacing, or renovating an existing facility can demonstrate a 10% reduction in energy usage per square foot on their new facility when compared to the old location. Typically achieved through energy efficiency projects: lighting, HVAC, or envelope improvements.
  2. Energy Generation Goal. Borrowers can install a renewable energy system that generates at least 15% of their property’s whole building energy consumption. Typically achieved through renewable energy system technology: solar PV, solar thermal, or ground source heat pumps.
  3. Sustainable Design Goal. Borrowers can design and build their facility according to sustainable design standards, typically LEED. (While this goal allows the borrower to waive the job creation goal, it does not carry the financial benefits of the first two goals.) 

Benefits for SBA 504 Borrowers implementing energy projects:

  • Increasing the loan amount by up to $500,000 for a total $5.5 million per project limit;
  • Having cumulative debentures outstanding greater than $5 million and up to $16.5 million by achieving green status on each new project; and,
  • Waiving the job creation goal.

Partner Energy‘s SBA 504 loan services include: