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The Freddie Mac Green Advantage suite of multifamily financing options rewards borrowers who commit to reducing energy and water savings or who have a green certified building.

Freddie Mac Green Up

  • Borrowers receive preferential financing for committing to a 15% reduction of energy consumption and a combined energy/water reduction of 30%.
  • The Freddie Mac Green Assessment is an ASHRAE Level I Energy Audit report detailing proposed property-level improvements to promote energy and water efficiency at the property.The report describes projected savings in terms of utility consumption and dollars saved per improvement item.
  • Freddie Mac will reimburse the cost of the report up to $4,000 when the borrower closes a loan with Freddie Mac.
  • Borrowers may underwrite up to 50% of projected owner-paid savings.
  • Partner Energy can provide a detailed Green Assessment in addition to the PCA and Phase I reports.

Freddie Mac Green Up Plus

  • Borrowers receive preferred financing for committing to reduce at least 15% energy savings and 30% total energy or energy and water combined.
  • The Freddie Mac Green Assessment Plus is an ASHRAE Level II report that contains the same information as the Freddie Mac Green Assessment but provides a more detailed analysis of existing conditions and energy and water improvement opportunities at the property.
  • Freddie Mac will reimburse up to $4,000 of the cost of the report when the borrower closes a loan with Freddie Mac.
  • Borrowers may underwrite up to 75% of projected owner-paid savings.

Freddie Mac Green Certification 

Properties with the following certifications may also receive preferred pricing under the Freddie Mac Green Advantage program:

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