With locations throughout Texas, Primrose Schools commissioned Partner Energy to conduct SBA 504 studies on several new construction schools in an effort to secure financing. The SBA loan requirements state that an entity engaged in expanding its building assets must either: reduce the Borrower’s projected energy consumption by 10% when compared to a similar property owned by the Borrower; or generate at least 10% of the project’s projected energy consumption via renewable energy (typically via a Solar PV System).

To confirm that the projects met the SBA 504 requirements, Partner Energy created an energy model for each to-be-built school and simulated its annual energy consumption. This simulated consumption was then compared to the real world consumption of an existing Primrose School and shown to be 10% more efficient. The project image shows a sample 3D school model and energy consumption output. Partner Energy performs third-party verification for Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 Loan Program applicants nationwide, completing over 150 studies for Borrowers that have successfully entered the SBA 504 program.