Partner Energy was selected after a competitive bidding process to provide commissioning services for Cedarbrook Middle School.

The existing school was set to undergo extensive demolition and to be redesigned and rebuilt on site. The  additional gym and auditorium added approximately 15,000 sf to the property. Partner Energy provided services in order to obtain the LEED Energy & Atmosphere (EA) Prerequisite Credit 1 for Fundamental Commissioning and Credit 3 Enhanced Commissioning.

Partner Energy began by cultivating a cooperative and productive commissioning environment early in the design phase by providing Commissioning Specifications. Partner Energy delivered a commissioning process that reviewed the owner’s criteria for system function, performance, and maintainability. The commissioning team also worked to verify and document compliance with these criteria throughout design, construction, start-up, and the initial period of operation. In addition, Partner Energy reviewed training agendas and witnessed the training sessions that were vital to ensure that the systems continued to operate as intended.