Energy and Water Utility Benchmarking & Disclosure

Utility Benchmarking is the process of measuring, comparing, and tracking your building energy and water consumption and is a critical step to understanding and reducing a facility’s energy consumption and carbon footprint. Benchmarking allows a building owner and manager to:

  • Measure a building’s current performance by quantifying key performance metrics such as energy consumption, energy cost, emissions, or ENERGY STAR® rating.
  • Compare a building’s key performance metrics to similar buildings to determine a building’s cost reduction, energy reduction, or green label potential.
  • Track improvements to key performance metrics as projects are implemented and determine if goals are being met.

Partner Energy will collect and analyze utility data in order to develop a comprehensive summary of key performance metrics.

Utility Benchmarking and Disclosure Laws

Several local jurisdictions in the U.S. have adopted energy disclosure laws making benchmarking mandatory for numerous commercial, multifamily and government buildings. The specific requirements of of these policies vary from one jurisdiction to the next and are also subject to change. Click here for a summary and description of benchmarking and disclosure laws in the U.S. that are currently enacted or planned.

  • California Disclosure: AB 802 and AB 1103


As of 2015, the California State Legislature repealed Assembly Bill 1103 (AB 1103).

As a result, a new energy disclosure law known as AB 802 was created and is set to go in effect in January 2017. For further information about this new legislation, please visit our AB 802 page.

Please note that for 2016, there will be no energy disclosure law.

California’s Assembly Bill 1103 (AB1103) mandates energy benchmarking and energy disclosure for non-residential buildings offered for sales, lease, finance or refinance. Partner Energy is expert on AB 1103’s requirements and has completed benchmarking on hundreds of buildings. Visit our AB 1103 Compliance Services page for more information on how we can help you easily comply.

Benchmarking Case Studies

TA Realty Benchmarking and Energy Audits

TA Realty

Sandberg Management Corporation

Sandberg Management Corporation

Weller Court Shopping Center, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

Weller Court Shopping Center


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