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Partner Energy provides comprehensive services to meet both of the LA EBEWE compliance requirements:

Two Compliance Requirements

  1. Energy and water consumption must be benchmarked and disclosed by owners annually. 
  2. Buildings must undergo an energy audit and retro- commissioning every 5 years, OR seek an exemption under one of the approved exemption methods.

Who Must Comply?


  • Privately owned buildings, 20,000 sq ft and above
  • City-owned buildings, 7,500 sq ft and above
  • Deadline: June 1st annually

Audit and Retro-Commissioning

  • Privately owned buildings, 20,000 sq ft or more
  • City-owned buildings, 15,000 sq ft or more
  • Deadline: assigned by Building ID 

Non-compliance may incur late fees, compounding interest, and legal action against building owners.

Compliance Services

Partner Energy offers comprehensive services for LA EBEWE compliance.

  • Energy and water benchmarking
  • Energy and water audits*
  • Energy and water retro-commissioning*
  • ENERGY STAR® certifications*
  • Energy and water use intensity reduction calculations*
  • Plumbing code verification*
  • Energy and water systems retrofit verification*

*Partner Energy employs Professional Engineers and Registered Architects to complete the required verification and submittal to the LA Department of Building Safety for starred items.

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