Partner Energy offers comprehensive portfolio management services for commercial buildings. We provide a customized package of energy efficiency services to proactively reduce – and continually manage – the energy consumption of our clients’ portfolios.

We offer the following services:

Partner Energy can provide on-hand energy efficiency consultant services for your entire portfolio. For commercial building portfolios we offer a blend of fixed schedule energy consumption reports and on-demand energy consultations. This arrangement is often preferred by portfolio owners who have multiple property management companies managing different buildings. We can provide regular-scheduled reporting (monthly, quarterly, annually) to the building owner and on-demand services as requested by property managers. Our on-demand services typically include commissioning new building systems, managing the bid process, fulfilling city energy reporting requirements, document review, LEED certification, and increasing ENERGY STAR® scores.

In a global economy, companies need a governance framework that analyzes all risks – not just those directly linked to the business, but also those impacting employees and the community at large.

ESG 3-step graphic

The rapid rise of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies and reporting shows that investors take sustainability and governance seriously. Companies are being asked to disclose ESG goals, progress and metrics annually. Leaders must be prepared to answer investor questions relating to ESG on demand, perhaps in public settings.

Developing an ESG policy involves taking a targeted look at the potential environment, social and governance risks of a corporation. Beyond risk identification, ESG policy lays out a systematic plan to mitigate risks and report on progress.

Partner Energy supports ESG with services such as:

  • Strategic planning sessions,
  • Policy writing,
  • Data collection,
  • Metrics and tracking,
  • Reporting (GRI, GRESB), and/or,
  • Training.

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