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Partner Energy offers comprehensive ESG consulting and performance management services for owners, property managers, and lenders. We provide customizable and scalable programs to proactively address stakeholder needs and integrate ESG best practices in a fiscally responsible manner.

The rapid rise of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies and reporting shows that investors take sustainability and governance seriously. Companies are being asked to disclose ESG goals, progress and metrics annually. Leaders must be prepared to answer investor questions relating to ESG on demand, perhaps in public settings. Partner Energy helps integrate ESG into every stage of your asset’s lifecycle and communicate your commitments to investors and stakeholder.

We provide end-to-end ESG consulting services, including:

  • Strategic guidance and planning sessions
  • Historical ESG effort data collection – review property documentation to capture existing ESG efforts and improvements
  • Asset evaluation and metrics tracking – review and analyze key ESG metrics and standardize the data for future tracking and property comparisons
  • Reporting using frameworks such as GRI, GRESB, SASB, UN PRI, Sustainalytics

Portfolio Management

Partner Energy analyzes cumulative asset-level data to assess how an entire portfolio is performing and prioritizes efforts to meet your ESG goals. For example, the data will show:

  • % of portfolio with LED lights, energy star appliances, cool roofs
  • Which properties consume the most energy or water
  • % of portfolio located in opportunity zones

Portfolio-wide tracking is a useful tool for highlighting where more detailed analysis is necessary to bring individual assets up to ESG standards, improving overall company ESG performance. For example, an energy audit will identify energy efficiency measures that should be adopted along with their payback period. And a Climate Hazard & Property Resilience Assessment can identify near-future risks from climate-change that would impact the property, such as equipment flooding or extreme temperatures.

We offer the following enhanced services to support your entire portfolio and meet your real estate ESG goals:

All these can be integrated into a comprehensive due diligence or asset management report.

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