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Partner Energy’s benchmarking checklist provides the owner or investor an understanding of how the asset performs against their ESG framework and goals.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices are critical to real estate investment and valuation. Partner Energy helps clients develop ESG frameworks, collect asset-level data, and evaluate the properties to better understand their risks and identify opportunities for improvement.Our team of sustainability professionals, real estate experts, building scientists, and ESG experts develop custom asset checklists and data collection methodology for our clients. Additionally, we complete and amend any third party surveys (e.g. GRESB) the client has elected to do.Partner Energy’s data collection methodology may include a site visit, interviews, and document review. When done in conjunction with an energy audit or PCA, we help clients achieve significant cost and time savings by collecting all necessary data during just one site visit.

The metrics we analyze are divided into the three categories of ESG, and evaluate the property based on a variety of factors, such as:

  • Green certifications such as LEED, Green Globes, IREM, etc.?
  • Existing energy and water efficiency measures, such as ENERGY STAR appliances and LED lighting
  • Total annual energy and water usage
  • Lead and asbestos testing (pass/fail)
  • Bike Score® and Walk Score®
  • Compliance with local/state energy reporting laws

Portfolio-Wide Tracking

The cumulative asset-level data from the checklists can show how the entire portfolio is performing and prioritize where to spend efforts to meet your ESG goals.For example, the data will show:

  • % of portfolio with LED lights, energy star appliances, cool roofs
  • Which properties consume the most energy or water
  • % of portfolio located in opportunity zones

Portfolio-wide tracking useful tool for highlighting where more detailed analysis is necessary to bring individual assets up to ESG standards, improving overall company ESG performance. For example, an energy audit will identify energy efficiency measures that should be adopted along with their payback period. And a real estate resiliency assessment can identify near-future risks from climate-change that would impact the property, such as equipment flooding or extreme temperatures.Partner Energy also provides ESG+R consulting and a suite of sustainability services to help clients reach their goals.

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