Improving ESG Performance with an Eye on ROI

About the ESG Webinar Series

An Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy is no longer just a nice-to-have but a necessity for the commercial real estate industry. However, there is still much uncertainty for businesses when it comes to establishing process, methodology, and fiscally responsible goals, especially around sustainability and resilience.

Bringing together the varied perspectives of engineering, sustainability, equity, institutional investor, and lender, this thought-leadership series will offer a 360° view of ESG and provide practical insights for CRE leaders to start making real progress toward their goals.


Session 3: Tackling Ambitious ESG Goals – Pathways to Achieving Net Zero Carbon

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Previous Sessions

Session 1 of 3: Best Practices for Improving ESG Performance


Watch Webinar Recording Here

Investors and stakeholders are demanding ESG policy and reporting transparency from asset owners, viewing ESG performance as a key factor in risk evaluation in the commercial real estate industry. As funds get tied to ESG, the goal is for properties to become more sustainable and resilient to climate change.

In this webinar, our panelists will provide actionable insights for owners and asset managers to measure and improve their ESG performance. Topics will include understanding the existing assets’ carbon footprint, finding opportunities for energy use reduction, and calculating ROI for capital intensive measures. This webinar is for asset owners and managers who are getting serious about achieving their ESG goals, and are looking for a sustainability and engineering perspective on getting there.


Mike Lombardo, Head of ESG Strategy – Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, L.P.

Tony Liou, President – Partner Energy


Session 2 of 3: ESG + “R”: Understanding Climate Change Risks and Building Property Resilience

Watch Webinar Recording Here

It’s impossible to talk about ESG today without talking about Resilience. Asset owners and managers, investors, and lenders are all asking the question: “How do you ensure that properties are resilient against future climate change risks?” In this live webinar, our panelists will discuss the latest updates on the ASTM’s Standard Guide for Property Resilience Assessments of Buildings, the SEC’s proposed rules for climate-related disclosures, the processes and best practices for approaching property resilience, and provide an investor’s perspective on climate change risks.


Jessica Weyandt, AIA, NCARB, Senior Associate, Due Diligence – Engineering at Revantage, a Blackstone Company

Tony Liou, President at Partner Energy

Brady Mills, PE, CEM, BPI BA & MFBA, Senior Technical Manager at Partner Energy

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