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Partner Energy supports utility rebate and incentive programs nationwide.

Utilities are committed to reducing demand on existing infrastructure and potential new infrastructure (examples include reducing demand on electricity grid or conserving water consumption during periods of low rainfall).

For this reason, utilities, local governments, and state and federal agencies sometimes offer rebates and incentives that help reduce the base costs and improve the return on investment of energy or water efficiency projects. Utilities incentivize customers to invest in energy or water efficiency most often through public goods charges that are tacked on to utility bills and later reinvested through incentive and rebate programs. Incentives and rebates are often different based on building types (i.e. commercial vs. residential).

Local, state and federal government agencies also offer rebates and incentives to promote energy, water, and renewable energy improvements to properties generally funded through tax revenues.

Examples of incentives and rebate program offerings include the following:

  • No or low cost energy audits or retro-commissioning studies;
  • Prescriptive rebates for implementing energy and water efficient equipment and fixtures;
  • Per-unit incentives based on calculated or measured energy savings; and/or,
  • Reduced costs for energy or water efficient technologies.


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