Maryland’s MEEHA Program provide incentive funds to reduce energy usage and lower utility bills for occupants and owners of affordable housing.

The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development oversees the distribution of MEEHA incentives to owners of qualified multifamily properties. Customers of utility companies that are regulated by the Maryland Public Service Commission are eligible for MEEHA incentives. Non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, and government entities are among those eligible to apply.

Partner Energy helps clients successfully navigate the MEEHA program from application through verification. We provide energy audits and energy modeling to identify potential energy efficiency measures (EEMs) for client consideration. Our audit report includes cost estimates and payback schedules for recommended EEMs. MEEHA requires owners to commit to measures that result in at least 15% reduction in electric usage and meet savings-to-investment ratios.

Successful applicants must complete improvements and confirm the improvements are producing the intended reduction in energy use. This requires on-site inspection and verification using diagnostic testing to measure energy leakage. Partner Energy can also implement EEMs, complete diagnostic testing, and file the verification report. These can be part of a comprehensive service, or provided as standalone services when third-party support is preferred.

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