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Partner Energy has provided hundreds of third-party verifications at properties across the country to support green lending requirements.

Once a green loan closes, borrowers must verify that the energy and water improvements specified in their loan agreement were correctly implemented. Borrowers and Asset Managers with green loans financed through Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or other green financing programs must verify to their lender that the energy efficiency measures (EEMs) they committed to have actually been implemented and are working as intended.

If, during the third-party verification process, a property is found to deviate from the  recommendations in its initial green report, Partner Energy assists our clients with compliance by:

  • Verifying how the energy and water efficiency measures deviate from recommendations in original green report (may include site visit);
  • Re-running the analysis and savings calculations based on alternate specifications;
  • Determining if the property could still qualify for minimum energy and water savings threshold defined for loan; and,
  • Determining alternative ways for the property to qualify based on alternate specifications.

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