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As more investors and shareholders assess companies based on sustainability efforts, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies have become a standard. To assist our clients, Partner Energy offers Integrated Property Reports for those who require a comprehensive assessment of properties and risk mitigation measures.

What is an Integrated Property Report

Partner Energy’s Integrated Property Report is a 4-in-1 report that includes an Energy and Water Audit, Facility Condition Assessment, Climate Hazard & Property Resilience Assessment, and Sustainability Best Practices.

Because of Partner Energy’s understanding of technical science data, real estate due diligence and finance, our team of experts can provide all the mentioned assessments piecemeal or together as one.

The result is a single report that contains items including the best energy and water measures for ROI, immediate facility repairs and functional obsolescence, high risk resiliency measures, and environmentally friendly best practices.

Our recommendations are based on the collected data as well as the individual client’s risk tolerance and investment objectives, providing for a more targeted and actionable report. in addition, we can provide custom scopes depending on client needs, and the various assessments can be done during one site visit instead of multiple.

Benefits of Integrated Reporting

There are numerous benefits of providing an Integrated Property Report instead of obtaining assessments separately.

  • Partner Energy can collect all necessary data during 1 site visit, instead of sending multiple teams. This cuts down on timing and cost, simplifying the overall process.
  • Multiple vendors lead to discrepancies, slower implementation, and inconsistent quality.
  • Clients avoid paying for overlapping data that would be found in multiple reports from separate agencies.
  • Clients have more data and better insight in order to make more informed decisions on how to allocate capital and resources to implement projects.

In addition, Partner Energy can scale across country to provide reporting on all client assets and create customized report scopes depending on client needs and objectives.

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