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Building owners and managers use utility allowance calculations to estimate property-specific utility usage and adjust.

Affordable housing programs typically restrict tenant contributions on rent and utilities when tenants pay their own utilities. The utility allowance calculation gives building owners and managers the ability to adjust rents to reflect a more accurate utility allowance, as demonstrated by an in-depth energy model of the property.

Utility allowances can be calculated for new construction and existing properties. Calculations are typically updated annually to adjust for changes.

Partner Energy uses approved methodologies to conduct utility allowance projects for properties throughout the country.  A consumption-based methodology can only be used for existing properties as this method uses historical utility consumption data to establish the utility allowances. An engineering methodology can be used for new construction and existing buildings undergoing significant renovation. The data produced with these methods is more accurate than data from most public housing authority utility allowance schedules.

Partner Energy has significant experience using the California Utility Allowance Calculator (CUAC) as well as providing allowance calculations for projects across the country. 

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