How to Avoid Stranded Assets: A Path to Decarbonization

Published November 2023 As concerns over climate change intensify and regulations evolve, commercial real estate investors and owners are under increasing pressure to reduce carbon footprints of their properties, or “decarbonize” them. Most recently, California passed the Climate Accountability Package, which will require a large number public and private companies conducting business in the state […]

How EV Chargers May Benefit Your CRE Property

Published September 2023 As CRE investors and stakeholders continue to pursue sustainability and decarbonization efforts to support their ESG policies, one effort should not be overlooked when assessing the overall efficiency of a property. The installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations on commercial real estate properties has multiple benefits, not only contributing to a […]

The Case for Property Resilience – a Lone House Left Standing Post-Maui Fire

With increasingly unpredictable weather patterns and the growing threat of wildfires, the importance of property resilience measures cannot be overstated. Implementing such measures help to fortify properties against natural disasters, minimize the potential damages, reduce downtime, and increase property value. The lone “miracle house” that survived relatively unscathed after the Maui fire while the houses […]

Addressing the Insurance Crisis Through Property Resilience

Published August 2023 The withdrawal of larger insurance companies from certain markets has left property owners in a scramble to secure coverage since property insurance is required by lenders. While insurance policies and premiums may require time to catch up with property resiliency efforts, property owners and investors should consider proactively upgrading their properties. In […]

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