Green Certifications on the Rise

Partner Energy’s Green Certification consulting practice has grown over the years, and is seeing a continuous demand for certifications in commercial real estate. In the last year, Partner Energy has also begun offering certification consulting and support for BREEAM and IREM Certified Sustainable Property (CSP) in addition to other well-established certifications such as ENERGY STAR®, LEED, GreenPoint Rated, and WELL. And in 2022, Partner Energy was awarded Executive Member status as part of EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Certification Nation.

2022 Green Certification Projects

In 2022 alone, Partner Energy helped certify 161 properties, of which 104 were ENERGY STAR® Existing Building certifications, as well as 57 certifications for new and existing buildings. Partner provided certification consulting to various property types, including offices, warehousing and industrial, as well as multifamily properties.

See graphic below for a breakdown of our 2022 projects.

2023 Green Certification Projects

As of September 2023, Partner Energy has helped certify 96 properties this year, including Green Globes, GreenPoint Rated, LEED, Enterprise Green Communities, and WELL.

Demand for Green Certifications Remains High

Demand for green certifications for LITHC remains strong this year due to requirements from funding sources/programs like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Meanwhile, clients with ESG polices are getting properties into a “readiness” mode in order to prepare them for future certification by currently focusing on assessments and capital expenditure planning. This should equate to an uptick in green certifications in 2024 and beyond.

Partner Energy’s Green Certifications Services

For new construction projects, Partner Energy can recommend sustainable features in order to ready the building for the client’s chosen green certification, beginning in the design phase and seeing the project through certification. It is also beneficial during the pre-construction phase to consider property resiliency features in order to lower the property’s risks for potential climate hazards. For existing buildings, Partner Energy helps determine the feasibility of green certifications for the property and provides full-service support to help the client through the certification process.

Contact us today for more information and learn how Partner Energy can help your property achieve green certification.

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