New York City Local Law 87

Energy Audits and Retro-Commissioning for Building Owners and Managers

As part of New York City’s Greener, Greater Buildings Plan (GGBP), Local Law 87 (LL87) mandates Energy Audits and Retro-Commissioning every ten years for all buildings over 50,000 square feet. LL87 provides building owners and managers insight into energy consumption and building performance with the goal of improving sustainability and decreasing energy waste.


Step 1: Energy Audit

A Partner Energy engineer will collect building energy data and catalog baseline HVAC systems, lighting and envelope conditions. The auditor will then identify capital improvements and/or system replacements that will save energy, along with measure-specific installation costs and energy cost savings. Typical measures include:

  • Lighting upgrade (e.g. fluorescent to LED)
  • Boiler replacement
  • Roof insulation


Step 2: Retro-Commissioning

A Partner Energy retro-commissioning agent will identify opportunities for tuning and repairing infrastructure that affect the building energy use. The City prescribes Retro-commissioning focus areas, which generally consist of low-cost measures such as:

  • Optimizing HVAC controls
  • Testing, sealing, and balancing ventilation systems
  • Ensuring or installing adequate pipe insulation

Building owners must implement corrections identified in the Retro-Commissioning study. These low cost modifications often result in significant savings with quick paybacks. Partner Energy has extensive experience working with property management staff to implement fixes, which improves performance and extends the useful life of existing systems.

The Energy Audit report identifies significant capital improvements and/or base system replacements if needed. However, the building owner does not have to act on improvements identified in the Energy Audit report.


Step 3: Energy Efficiency Reports

In the final step of LL87 compliance, Partner Energy finalizes and submits the Energy Audit and Retro-Commissioning reports to the NYC Department of Buildings to attain compliance.


When do I have to comply?

Buildings must comply with LL87 every ten years based on its Borough, Block and Lot number. The last number of the tax lot number is the compliance year. (e.g. if the building’s Block number is 01228, compliance forms must be submitted in 2018, 20128, etc.)

Forms are due by December 31st of the compliance year.


What is the penalty for non-compliance?

Non-compliance results in a $3000 fine issued for the first year and a $5000 fine for every subsequent year. LL87 Reports will only be accepted once all fines have been paid in full.


Partner Energy helps building owners and managers to identify, capitalize and implement accretive energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability projects nationwide. For more information about Partner Energy’s services, please contact the sales team at (888) 826-1216 or via email at

Developers are betting big on energy-saving buildings

Energy efficiency, green building, green financing

Tony Liou weighs in on the new role energy efficiency plays in Commercial Real Estate:

In the past, institutional investors would qualify managers by investments and returns, according to Tony Liou, president of Partner Energy.

“Now it is, ‘What is your sustainability plan?’ ” Liou says. “They want to know what you are going to do to make [a building] more sustainable.”

Thought Leader

Partner Engineering and Science President, Joe Derhake, was introduced as a “Thought Leader” in the Real Estate Forum publication this month – check out pg. 23.  In this brief paragraph, Joe touches upon how office owners can improve their energy efficiencies by utilizing energy audits, benchmarking and tax incentives/rebates…

Tony Liou Presents At The West Coast Energy Management Congress

Long Beach, CA June 16, 2011- This morning Tony Liou, President of Partner Energy,  spoke at the “29th Annual West Coast Energy Management Congress” in Long Beach, CA. Mr. Liou was asked by ICF to give a presentation on energy audits, benchmarking, disclosure laws (by state) and other legislation that building owners need to be aware of.

Mr. Liou’s presentation was well attended and a number of building owners asked for his advice/expressed interest in the suite of services that Partner Energy offers for auditing and benchmarking projects.

Click Here to View Benchmarking Presentation

FutureBuild LA and Partner Energy

Los Angeles, CA, October 19, 2010– Partner Energy was selected to sit as a committee member and expert speaker at ULI LA’s FutureBuild LA 2010 Conference and Expo at the LA Convention Center on October 19, 2010.  Each year ULI LA hosts its annual FutureBuild LA Conference and expo.  This year’s expo brought the cutting-edge sustainability techniques and strategies being employed by developers, financiers, builders, architects, legal professionals, policy makers, building owners, planners, environmental professionals, and product vendors to the forefront.  It allowed attendees to engage with industry experts of all professions to learn about each stage of the sustainability process.

Partner Energy was honored to help ensure this event was both successful and educational.  Jason Mandler of Partner Energy served on the 2010 FutureBuild LA Committee and Tony Liou, Principal Engineer and Director of Partner Energy was an expert panelist during a Breakout Session on Energy Efficiency in Commercial Real Estate and later led a roundtable discussion on Benchmarking.

During the Energy Efficiency in Commercial Real Estate Panel, Tony Liou engaged in a discussion with attendees and other panelists on topics including: Benchmarking, Energy Consumption and other key Performance Metrics, Portfolio Analysis, Scope Development, Energy Audits & Implementation, Payback Calculation, Green Valuation, Acquisition/Disposition Benefits, and Points toward LEED certification.   Tony Liou later hosted a Roundtable discussion focused specifically on benchmarking.

Partner Energy is working on putting together a ULI pannel in the Bay Area with the hopes of continuing these very improtant/relevant energy discussions up North.

Partner Energy is a dedicated expert in energy efficiency and is proud to help enhance the industry knowledge throughout all professions.  For more information contact Jason Mandler, Partner Energy El Segundo (310) 765-7293 or email

Partner Energy Launches New Blog

Partner Energy is excited to announce the launch of our first Blog!  Our “WATTS Going On”  Blog has been designed to act as a platform for discussing  engineering, construction, architecture and real estate as it relates to energy efficiency.

Whether you are a an engineer, architect, property owner or are just curious about WATT is going on in the energy efficiency world… please feel free to follow this blog, comment on the posts and/or suggest new topics for discussion.   Follow Link

Energy Upgrade Los Angeles Commercial Buildings Upgrade Initiative

Partner Energy is pleased to announce our participation in the Energy Upgrade Los Angeles Commercial Buildings Upgrade Initiative.  The CRA-LA Free Energy Audit Program Announcement, in partnership with the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI), developed the initiative to catalyze holistic energy and water performance upgrades in Los Angeles’ existing non-residential commercial buildings, and to accelerate the flow of private third-party capital to finance such projects at attractive rates.

2011 Energy Efficiency/Green Real Estate Webinar Series

  • January 12th, 10:00 PST
    The Importance of “Green Real Estate” in Attracting Investors and Tenants
  • February 9th, 10:00 PST
    Energy Benchmarking in Commercial Real Estate
  • March 9th, 10:00 PST
    Commercial Real Estate Energy Disclosure Laws
  • April 6th, 10:00 PST
    Commercial Real Estate Energy Audits
  • May 4th, 10:00 PST
    Implementation, Verification & Tracking
  • June 1st, 10:00 PST
    Financing Energy Efficienct & Renewable Energy Projects

Please RSVP to with your name, company, contact information and desired presentation date(s).  Prior to each webinar, you will be sent an email with a registration link that must be completed prior to each webinar.

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Energy Benchmarking and Energy Disclosure Laws Webinar

Learn about Energy Benchmarking and Energy Disclosure Law adoption in the United States. Specific agenda items include:

  • What is Energy Benchmarking?
  • Why is Energy Benchmarked required for Real Estate?
  • How does Energy Benchmarking effect the buying decision?
  • EPA Energy Star Portfolio Manager
  • Energy Disclosure Law Adoption
    • CA – AB1103
    • NYC – Article 309
    • Washington – SB 5854
    • Partner Energy Services