FutureBuild LA and Partner Energy

Los Angeles, CA, October 19, 2010– Partner Energy was selected to sit as a committee member and expert speaker at ULI LA’s FutureBuild LA 2010 Conference and Expo at the LA Convention Center on October 19, 2010.  Each year ULI LA hosts its annual FutureBuild LA Conference and expo.  This year’s expo brought the cutting-edge sustainability techniques and strategies being employed by developers, financiers, builders, architects, legal professionals, policy makers, building owners, planners, environmental professionals, and product vendors to the forefront.  It allowed attendees to engage with industry experts of all professions to learn about each stage of the sustainability process.

Partner Energy was honored to help ensure this event was both successful and educational.  Jason Mandler of Partner Energy served on the 2010 FutureBuild LA Committee and Tony Liou, Principal Engineer and Director of Partner Energy was an expert panelist during a Breakout Session on Energy Efficiency in Commercial Real Estate and later led a roundtable discussion on Benchmarking.

During the Energy Efficiency in Commercial Real Estate Panel, Tony Liou engaged in a discussion with attendees and other panelists on topics including: Benchmarking, Energy Consumption and other key Performance Metrics, Portfolio Analysis, Scope Development, Energy Audits & Implementation, Payback Calculation, Green Valuation, Acquisition/Disposition Benefits, and Points toward LEED certification.   Tony Liou later hosted a Roundtable discussion focused specifically on benchmarking.

Partner Energy is working on putting together a ULI pannel in the Bay Area with the hopes of continuing these very improtant/relevant energy discussions up North.

Partner Energy is a dedicated expert in energy efficiency and is proud to help enhance the industry knowledge throughout all professions.  For more information contact Jason Mandler, Partner Energy El Segundo (310) 765-7293 or email JMandler@ptrenergy.com.

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