Property Resilience, Risk Mitigation, and Insurability

Property Resilience and Insurability Webinar

Property Resilience, Risk Mitigation, and Insurability

Is your property future-proof?

In this recorded live webinar, Partner Energy President, Tony Liou, and Partner Engineering and Science Technical Director, Jessica Wright, dive into strategies for climate-proofing your assets.

Topics include physical and transition risks, identifying potential regional climate risks, property-specific risk assessments and resilience measures, the ASTM Guide for Property Resilience Assessment, as well as the Construction, Occupancy, Protection, Exposure (COPE) Assessment, which is utilized by insurance agencies and may impact your properties’ insurance rates.

Our panelists also answer the audience’s questions at the end of the live session.

Live Webinar Recording Date: Thursday, July 18, 2024

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Tony Liou, President – Partner Energy

Tony Liou is co-founder and President of Partner Energy, a division of Partner Engineering and Science, Inc, that offers a wide array of services to help clients improve their energy, water, and carbon efficiency, as well as property resilience and sustainability. Tony has worked for 20 years in real estate acquisition and underwriting, engineering design, start-ups, and sales and marketing. He frequently shares his insights and best practices at speaking engagements, and has presented at conferences including MBA CREF, NAREIM Meetings, CREFC Annual Conference, and Environmental Banker Association (EBA) Annual Meeting.

Jessica Wright, Technical Director – Partner Engineering and Science

Jessica Wright is a consultant with more than 14 years of operational management, 8 years of construction, and 11 years of success in strategic sustainability planning and project management for large organizations and institutions. She has provided clients in the public and private sectors with innovative and strategic program plans for implementing Corporate Resiliency Management, Zero Waste, and ESG compliance.

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