Use Energy-Efficient Chargers… It will soon be the law!

On January 12, 2012, the state of California passed a vote to required device manufacturers to only ship energy-efficient handset chargers. This law is on track to be implamented in February 2013 and is anticipated to save households money on their electricity bills. Read Slash Gear’s  full article below:   The eco-friendly state of California […]

Are LED Lights Right For Your Next Project?

In a time where so much importance has been placed on “Going Green,” LED lights seem like the natural energy efficient and “Green” choice to make when you are replacing your old bulbs and/or are starting a new project from scratch. Earlier this month, BUILDINGS published an article that might make you reconsider using LED […]

Can Thermostats Be Clever AND Hip?

Please take a moment to read the following article (courtesy of the New York Times,)  about how one company is rethinking the thermostat:   A Thermostat That’s Clever, Not Clunky By DAVID POGUE Steve Jobs may have transformed a bunch of industries, but his great skill wasn’t really inventing. Instead, he was the world’s greatest makeover wizard. […]

$4B Better Buildings Challenge and What this Means for the Future of Energy Efficiency

        On Friday December 2, 2011, President Obama announced that  nearly $4 billion in combined federal and private-sector money will be put into energy upgrades for federal and private sector buildings, over the next two years. Obama’s monetary commitment to the Better Buildings Challenge, undoubtedly means more jobs, a significant reduction in Carbon Dioxide emissions and huge energy savings […]

How the U.S. Army is Utilizing Fuel Cell Systems

The U.S. Department of Energy recently published an article that highlights how the US Army is striving for energy efficiency: November 17, 2011 Energy Department Highlights Commissioning of Innovative Fuel Cell System at U.S. Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground The U.S. Department of Energy today recognized the commissioning of an innovative fuel cell system at the […]

ENERGY STAR Requirement for Lease Aquisition

On December 19, 2007 the Energy Independence & Security Act (EISA 2007) was signed into law. This law was intended to aggressively reduce our nation’s energy consumption.  In order to effectively tackle the issue of reducing the amount of energy that our nation consumes, the EISA 2007 established Federal energy management goals and requirements in […]

CALgreen Commissioning Projects and Partner Energy

Partner Energy, Inc.  is pleased to announce that they are currently working on four CALgreen Commissioning Projects, thus assisting client’s in bringing their building’s up to the California Green Building Standards. If you are interested in taking advantage of Partner Energy’s commissioning experience/expertise, please feel free to contact: Partner Energy (888) 826-1216

GlobeSt. “Thought Leader”: What is a Commercial Building Energy Audit?

Partner Energy President and GlobeSt. “Thought Leader,” Tony Liou, recently published an informative article on This particular article, is a detailed overview of what really goes into a commercial energy audit and what can be gained from conducting one. Please take a moment to read Mr. Lious article and tell us what you think below! […]

Stats that Support Energy Audits and Implementing Energy Efficiency Measures

 New statistics posted by BOMA, further proves that energy audits are worth it… EER Data Can Help Drive Increased NOI As market conditions continue to pressure managers to deliver strong Net Operating Income (NOI), the desire for tools to track various elements of performance continues to increase. The Autumn 2011 edition of The BOMA/Kingsley Report, […]

Energy Disclosure Laws – A Nationwide Trend in Transparency

Partner Energy’s Jason Mandler recently wrote an article for Take a moment and read what Jason has to say about energy efficiency disclosure and who is on board:   The Science of Real Estate By Jason Mandler With more information we make better decisions, right?  Well, that’s the idea behind energy disclosure requirements.  States […]

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