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The Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA) publicly releases its Notice of Funding Availability, or NOFA, twice annually with a focus on funding the development or rehabilitation of low-income rental housing.

NOFA funding is geared towards rental housing for special needs populations, with some cycles drilling down to even more specific populations such as veterans or formerly homeless individuals. NOFA funding is also designed to be pursued in conjunction with other funding sources such as low-income housing tax credits.

Some NOFA cycles also include specific requirements tied to sustainability or energy and water efficiency. These requirements sometimes differ from requirements set by other local or state financing sources that may also be funding these same developments (such as CTCAC).

Partner Energy works with its clients who are developing low-income rental housing in Los Angeles County to ensure that any applications for funding through a LACDA NOFA consider minimum sustainability requirements to increase likelihood of funding approval.

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