Salt Lake City’s Elevate Buildings Initiative (Commercial Building Benchmarking and Market Transparency Ordinance 45.17.2017) requires annual energy benchmarking and reporting for all covered buildings (May 1st deadline).  

In 2017 Salt Lake City added Chapter 12.94 to Title 18 of the Salt Lake City Code, which requires building owners to annually benchmark and disclose energy use to the Salt Lake City Department of Sustainability via the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®.

What buildings must comply?

A building is covered and required to comply if it is:

  • A Salt Lake City municipal building
  • A Commercial building of 25,000 square feet or more
  • Not used as a(n):
    • Apartment building
    • Place of worship
    • Agricultural storage or greenhouse facility
    • Heavy manufacturing facility
    • Oil or Gas production facility
    • Movie/television/radio production studios, soundstages, broadcast antennae, data center, or trading floor that together exceed 10% of gross floor area

Energy Tune-Up for buildings that need improvement

In addition to annual benchmarking, covered buildings with an ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® score of 49 (out of 100) or less will be required to undergo a utility-sponsored Energy Tune-Up.

Energy Tune-Ups are retro-commissioning (RCx) studies performed by a licensed professional or approved provider to identify opportunities for improvements that optimize building performance. Identified retro-commissioning opportunities are recommended for implementation, but are not mandatory improvements.