A New ENERGY STAR® Certification Coming in 2024

The EPA is set to release and administer a new certification called ENERGY STAR® NextGen Certified Building. This green certification will recognize existing high-performance buildings that demonstrate both low energy usage and low greenhouse gas emissions.

NextGen will not be replacing the current ENERGY STAR® for Existing Buildings certification, which only recognizes low energy usage. Both certifications will be available, with NextGen as an option for properties that are aiming for energy efficiency and  decarbonization. 

The EPA will put out a proposal for public comment later this year before the certification becomes available, tentatively set for 2024.

ENERGY STAR® certification conveys superior energy performance and a commitment to using resources responsibly to tenants, customers, and employees. It is widely used by local, state and federal programs including AB 802, Fannie Mae Green Financing, Freddie Mac Green Advantage, and HUD Financing. Partner Energy is an approved ENERGY STAR® partner and has completed over 400 certifications.

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