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Partner Energy knows that training is essential to developing professional skills and to maintaining efficient buildings.

We provide all levels of training ranging from basic user training, to training for facilities staff, operations and maintenance (O&M) training, and to professional development training (in conjunction with our sister company, Partner Engineering and Science).

User Training

We complement our energy efficiency solutions with training that focuses on the user’s understanding of the relevant equipment to ensure optimal performance and continued energy savings. Partner Energy helps our clients become familiar with best practices in working with systems and equipment.

Operations Training

In addition to end user training, Partner Energy will also provide comprehensive operations training for operators, facilities managers, staff and others responsible for daily practices to keep a building operating at an optimal level.

Professional Development

Our training and continued education services provide architects, engineers and other real estate and energy professionals with information and knowledge that enhance their professional development. Our trainers have extensive field experience and are at the forefront of industry developments.

Partner Engineering and Science Training

Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. provides training to real estate professionals on technical issues associated with real estate transactions, development and management. From physical due diligence to energy and sustainability consulting, Partner offers continuing education, free webinars and courses on pertinent topics to help real estate professionals make sound business decisions on the Partner Online Training portal.

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