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Last Updated July 14, 2021

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The Business and Marketing Grant provided by Focus on Energy is no longer available. Focus on Energy still provides similar grants and programs for small businesses, residents, and industry

Wisconsin Focus on Energy offers several state-wide grant programs to support the development of renewable energy projects and industry infrastructure. Individual grant programs are intended to offer support in specific areas of the renewable energy market to help implement projects that otherwise would not be completed, or to complete projects sooner than scheduled. The Business & Marketing Grants provide financial support for developing business skills and marketing materials for organizations and businesses that provide renewable-energy services. Grant recipients and projects must be located in a participating utility's service territory. The program website above contains an interactive tool to assist people in determining their eligibility for different programs. Grants will be awarded to assist renewable-energy businesses and organizations in developing business plans, gaining market recognition, understanding their market better, training employees, gaining certification and other related activities. The current application lists PV, solar water heating, customer-owned wind, and non-residential biomass combustion systems that produce electricity or thermal energy as eligible technologies. Grants under this designation will not be issued for the purpose of purchasing renewable energy equipment or for research and development activities. Up to 50% of project costs will be funded, with a maximum grant of $10,000. Focus on Energy also imposes a $500,000 limit on the amount of incentives that an individual or business can receive from the program per fiscal year. Click here for more information on other renewable energy grant opportunities from the Focus on Energy Program.