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Last Updated August 7, 2020

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Sustainable Energy Fund of Central Eastern PA

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The Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF) promotes and invests in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, and energy education initiatives in the state of Pennsylvania. 

Financial incentives are offered as loans to promote clean energy technologies and for projects where energy savings are measurable. Eligible clean technology applications include a wide range of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Financing is available to commercial, industrial, municipal, agricultural, and nonprofit entities. Special features of the loans include: no prepayment penalty, subordinate lien positions, 100% financing, and interest only period payments.

The SEF also provides financing to non-profits through its Energy Savings Agreements program. The program functions as an Energy Service Performance Contracting (ESPC), where the SEF will finance energy efficiency upgrades at a non-profit facility, which are paid back through bill savings. 

The SEF has also developed a Solar Power Purchase Agreements designed for specifically for the needs of non-profit organizations. The program provides technical assistance to non-profits who are looking to purchase or install solar energy. 

The SEF was founded in November 1999 as a result of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission electric utility restructuring proceedings. The SEF was a key component of the joint settlement with PPL, Inc. (now PPL Electric Utilities Corporation) and the PUC. The fund has collected slightly more than $25 million since opening through a rate surcharge on PPL ratepayers. The surcharge expired and was not renewed at the end of 2006.