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Last Updated March 29, 2019

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Utility Rate Discount


Cleco Power

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Louisiana's Cleco Power offers energy efficiency incentives to eligible customers. Cleco Power offers a rate discount for residential customers building homes that meet the Power Miser Program specifications. Additionally, new homes installing eligible heat pumps may receive up to a $1,000 bonus rebate. A customer that is building a new home that meets program standards will receive a rate discount of 10% between November and April for the first five years they live in the house.

Power Miser Standards include:

  • Air Conditioner/Heat Pump has minimum SEER rating of 14
  • Metal ductwork has 2 inches foil-backed or vinyl-backed insulation
  • Non-metal ductwork made out of insulating material with branch duct R-6 - plenum R-4
  • Electric water heater is well-insulated
  • Floor and wall insulation with minimum rating of R-13
  • Ceiling insulation with minimum rating of R-30
  • Kitchen and laundry equipment must be all-electric
  • Adequate attic ventilation

Within 60 days after the home is built, the customer must submit a verification form to obtain the rate discount. More specifications for both of these incentive offerings can be found on the program web site listed above.