Waterworks Aquatics


San Jose, CAEnergy Modeling and Solar Feasibility SBA 504 Green Loan for Waterworks Aquatics in San Jose CA

Property Type:

Swim Center

Property Size:

16,000 sf

Services  Performed:

  • Energy Modeling
  • Solar Feasibility


Waterworks Aquatics is a small business based in Southern California. Partner Energy provided SBA 504 Green Loan support to the Client, helping them secure financing  to build their first facility outside of Southern California.

The client provided Partner Energy with 12 months of electric and gas bills for similar locations, as well as building plans and specific information about the project’s size, equipment loads, and renewable energy preference.

With this information, Partner Energy created an energy model that modeled the energy consumption of the building. Based on results produced, a Solar Thermal system was sized to meet the SBA’s 10% Renewable energy generation threshold.  A report of these findings was submitted to the SBA as part of the loan approval process and was in integral part in helping the Client achieve their financing goals.

TMC Financing provided loan support for the project.

Photo Courtesy of TMC Financing