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Last Updated February 4, 2019

Program Overview


Financial Incentive



Incentive Type:

Rebate Program



Start Date:


Expiration Date:


Web Site:

Applicable Sectors:

Local Government, Schools, State Government, Federal Government, Tribal Government, Agricultural, Institutional

Eligible Renewable/Other Technologies:

Refrigerators/Freezers, Lighting, Motor VFDs, Other Distributed Generation Technologies


Xcel Energy offers financial incentives toward energy efficient equipment installations including: Lighting, HVAC, Compressed Air, Refrigeration, VFDs, Information Systems and Renewables.

Incentives are available for Focus On Energy customers including: Agricultural Producers, Tribes, Federal, State, County, & Municipal Entities, K-12 Schools, Colleges & Universities.

View Summary of Services and Incentives for Agriculture Facilities

Focus on Energy also offers incentives for specialty energy efficiency measures for the plastics, pulp and paper and heat-treating industries. Incentives are available for equipment such as radiant heater bands, repulper rotors and radiant tube inserts.

Custom projects and incentives are calculated on a case-by-case basis for non-standard technologies and projects, and are based on size and type of organization and level of energy use. 

Before purchasing equipment or proceeding with upgrades, you must be working with an Energy Advisor from Focus on Energy. Your advisor will help you to determine if your project qualifies for a Focus on Energy custom incentive and will help you obtain any necessary approvals. Focus on Energy will pay up to 50% of the cost of an energy project assessment.

View the program website for applications, incentives and details on how to apply.