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Last Updated July 13, 2021

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Initial project information:

Cape Charles Sustainable Technology Industrial Park (STIP), located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, is an eco-industrial park that seeks to maximize efficient use of energy and resources while eliminating waste and pollution. The Park is located in Virginia Enterprise Zone which makes companies locating there eligible for significant state financial incentives. A German wind energy company, proVENTO International, is planning to locate its U.S. headquarters in the Park. The company will also install six 1.3-megawatt wind turbines near the site, creating enough wind energy to power more than 3,000 homes. The proposed wind farm will be the first utility-scale wind project to be installed in Virginia and will create 25 new jobs in Cape Charles. Solar Building Systems, a PV manufacturer, is already located in the Cape Charles STIP.

Project information as of July 13, 2021:

The Northhampton County Board of Supervisors appointed a Sustainable Development Task Force to revitalize the Cape Charles areas brownfields and communities by establishing 90 partnerships  with state agencies, federal agencies, and private organizations such as Provento America Inc. The initiative has made headway preserving green spaces, building eco-efficient infrastructure and office space to stimulate economic and environmental renewal in what was the poorest county of Virginia. Find more information from the EPA and from a study on similar sites.