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Last Updated May 10, 2023

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Performance-Based Incentive


Green Mountain Power Corporation

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Anaerobic Digestion


Green Mountain Power Corporation (GMP), Vermont's largest electric utility, offers a production incentive to farmers who own systems utilizing anaerobic digestion of agricultural products, byproducts, or wastes to generate electricity. 

GMP purchases the renewable energy credits for up to $0.04 per kWh with full subscription of the GMP voluntary Cow Power tariff. Attributes associated with production in excess of voluntary customer demand will be sold on the regional market where possible. The farmers sell the electricity as a separate commodity under the Vermont Standard Offer Program. Eligible systems must be connected to the grid, and although net metering is another option for farmers, it is not available under this arrangement.

GMP sells the renewable energy credits (RECs) and other environmental attributes (i.e. Carbon Credit) generated under this arrangement as part of GMP Cow Power, the utility's green power program. This program offers customers the opportunity to purchase renewable energy for $0.04 per kWh above the retail cost of electricity under any rate class as a tariff rider.