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Last Updated December 19, 2023

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Solar/Wind Access Policy



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Solar Standards

The purpose of Eugene's Solar Standards, as described in sections 9.2780 through 9.2795 of the City of Eugene's City Code, is to create lot divisions, layouts and building configurations to help preserve the availability of solar energy to one- and two-family dwellings. The goal is to promote the use of solar energy and to minimize shading of buildings by other buildings.

Solar Lot Standards

Solar lot standards apply to the creation of lots within subdivisions in R-1 and R-2 zones. In these zones, at least 70% of the lots in a subdivision must be designed as "solar lots" and need to meet certain standards. There are exemptions granted to the solar lot standards for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, topography, vegetation, conflicting city plans and density.

Solar Setback Standards

Solar setback standards apply to all structures on R-1 and R-2 zoned lots that are 4,000 square feet or greater, with a minimum north-south dimension of 75 feet. Buildings are required to be setback from the northern property line in accordance with the section of the code that addresses this issue. An applicant for a development permit for a building subject to these standards must submit verification on a form approved by the city manager that shows either the solar setback or how the structure qualifies for an exemption. If buildings on separate lots are attached or connected at a common lot line, the solar setback standards apply as if the buildings are a single building on a single lot composed of both lots.