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Last Updated July 18, 2020

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Solar/Wind Contractor Licensing



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Nevada law requires that solar energy system installers be licensed by the Nevada State Contractors Board. Contractors may be licensed under License Classification C-37 (solar contracting for solar water heating and space heating and air conditioning). Contractors may also perform solar work under License Classification C-1* (plumbing and heating), sub-classification (d) for solar water heating installations, or sub-classification (f) for solar air heating. Contractors may also perform solar work under License C-2 (electrical contracting), sub-classification (g) for photovoltaics used to generate electricity; or C-21 (Refrigeration and air-conditioning), sub-classification (e) for solar air conditioning. Work on utility scale solar projects must be completed by a contractor with a Classification A - General Engineering license. 

In June 2005, Assembly Bill 3 amended the Nevada Revised Statutes, Chapter 618, to create a mandatory licensing program for contractors installing and maintaining photovoltaic systems, beginning January 1, 2007. Under these rules, a PV installer must hold a license as a photovoltaic installer, issued by the Department of Business and Industry, Division of Industrial Relations, Occupational Safety and Health. A PV installer is defined as a person who is directly engaged with the electrical connection and wiring of a photovoltaic system project in a capacity other than as an inspector, management planner, consultant, project designer, contractor or supervisor for the photovoltaic system project.

To apply for a license, a PV installer will need to submit an application to the Division, pass an exam administered or approved by the Division, and pay a fee. If the person is a contractor, they must provide proof to the Division that they have been issued a license of the appropriate classification by the State Contractors’ Board, pursuant to Chapter 624 of Nevada Administrative Code.

Note that a person is not required to obtain a license from the Division to install or maintain a photovoltaic system on their own residence.

More information can be found on the Interstate Renewable Energy Council website.

* Prior to August 26, 2008, License Classification C-1 had a sub-classification (J) which allowed contractors to install solar water heating and solar space heating systems. LCB File No. R095-07 amended the sub-classifications under C-1, stating that contractors previously holding a C-1j license for solar water heating shall be deemed to hold a C-1d license, and contractors previously holding a C-1j license for solar space heating shall be deemed to hold a C-1f license.