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Last Updated July 16, 2020

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Leasing Program


Mississippi Development Authority

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Note: This program has been repealed effective July 1, 2021.

Mississippi's Energy-Efficiency Lease Program allows public institutions and private, non-profit hospitals to lease-purchase energy-efficient services and equipment for up to 20 years from the Energy Division of the Mississippi Development Authority. The Energy Division will select a third-party financier to fund energy projects such as lighting, boilers, cooling systems, energy management systems and windows. Participation in this program provides institutions access to technical, legal and financial service providers associated with the Energy Division.

To participate, an institution must first apply to the Energy Division for program assistance. Next, the institution must adopt a resolution identifying the project that is in need of energy efficiency improvements, and recognize the Energy Efficiency Lease Program as a means of fulfilling their goals. After developing the design and project implementation guidelines, the applicant must submit the specifications to the Mississippi Development Authority. When approval is granted, the institution selects a contractor and executes lease documents.