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Last Updated July 3, 2022

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DTE Energy

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DTE Energy's Commercial Your Energy Savings Program provides prescriptive incentives, predominantly on a simple per unit basis. Custom incentives are based on the amount of estimated annual energy savings and apply to all energy efficiency improvement measures that are not eligible for a prescriptive incentive. The New Construction and Remodeling Program provides design assistance and incentives for more efficient buildings by installing energy-efficiency equipment and controls that are not required by building energy codes and are above standard construction practices.

Any purchaser of a qualifying energy efficiency measure in DTE's service area can participate in the program as long as the measure is installed in a business facility. The DTE Energy program will only pay incentives for energy saving from Detroit Edison and MichCon service areas, but all utilities in Michigan will offer similar programs. A custom incentive can be paid by two utilities for the same measure only if the measure saves both gas and electricity. Customers are defined by a unique taxpayer ID although exceptions may apply for very large organizations that have separate decision-making and approval groups.

To participate, customers should first verify that a project is eligible, and wait to begin work until they receive a reservation letter from the utility. Complete your project within 90 days of the date indicated on your reservation letter from us that confirms we are holding incentives for you or by Nov. 30 of the program year, whichever comes first. DTE Energy’s Your Energy Savings Staff will review the final project documentation, and a post-inspection may be required for verification purposes. Incentive payments will typically be sent within 4 to 6 weeks from when all the documentation is received and the field inspection is complete.